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The delicious and exclusive BITCΛNDY Chocolate. Order yours today! Ethereum payment address: 0x50ff9c2843a7d80525fee6ae5e625c0d8ca60756

See product description below for more information on i) what makes Bitcandy so special, and ii) how Bitcandy is the world’s only currency collateralized by candy.

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The Story of BITCΛNDY

If Bitcoin and chocolate had a baby…
Bitcoin is the premier global decentralized digital currency with a deflationary monetary policy. Chocolate is delicious and loved by everyone around the world. Now, for the first time ever, Bitcandy joins the brilliance and obsession of Bitcoin and chocolate to bring you the sweetest decentralized experience.

Bitcandy is a currency too?
Bitcandy is the world’s only currency backed by candy. That’s right, this chocolate candy serves as the reserve asset, backing the value of each Bitcandy token. The candy can only be purchased with Bitcandy tokens (ticker:CNDY), and each time Bitcandy tokens are spent to purchase this candy, they are burned from the total supply forever. Only 1,000,000 total CNDY tokens were created, making Bitcandy the world’s most delicious and exclusive chocolate candy!

How does the candy pricing work?
The Bitcandy token quantity necessary to purchase the official Bitcandy candy adjusts based on both the prevailing token market price and the remaining outstanding supply of tokens. This ensures that the effective candy price is relatively stable inclusive of tax and shipping (it is not subjected to price volatility from the underlying token), and that the effective candy price is a function of token supply scarcity. The starting effective candy price is $10. The algorithms for the current effective candy price and the token purchase quantity are as follows:

Current Effective Candy Price = $10 ^ (1,000,000 / Current token supply)

Tokens Needed for Purchase = Current Effective Candy Price / Token Price

Bitcandy token details can be found on Etherscan here.


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