CryptoCribs Lets You Travel the Globe and Pay in Crypto

CryptoCribs has always been fascinated by the idea of staying with locals when traveling. Of course it was cheaper than staying at a hotel, but the main reason they loved to travel like this were the people it allowed them to meet. There was the documentary filmmaker from Barcelona, the cybersquatter from London and the philosopher from Amsterdam. These hosts have always enriched guests travel experience far beyond just local recommendations.
CryptoCribs was launched to improve modern travel even further. By limiting the payment method to top currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin they aim to build a global community of crypto nomads. This allows travelers and hosts to share not only a flat, but also a passion for crypto, project ideas and maybe even some code.

In his intellectual journey that would ultimately lead him to Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin went on a world tour to meet crypto enthusiasts around the world. On the back of his Bitcoin earnings, he was living a peripatetic lifestyle. For a while he stayed with a band of cryptoanarchists in Barcelona, at another point he was living out of the Crypto Castle in San Francisco. This time of travel and his openness to the community allowed his thinking to take in a wide range of perspectives and allowed the Ethereum project to take shape. In that spirit, CryptoCribs sees itself as a home for all crypto nomads and as an alternative way of interacting with the crypto community.
While they will act as a centralized platform hub in the beginning, their vision for CryptoCribs, as outlined in their whitepaper, is to disintermediate the industry in the long-term. Contrary to the orthodox tech start-up logic, their ambition is not to become a powerful centralized data silo. Rather, they want to build a network of trustworthy nodes and then hand back the value created by the trust network to the members of the community. To achieve this, they aim to marry the best of the openness of Craigslist, the trust system of Airbnb and the decentralization of the blockchain.


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