Add a Dash of Hot Sauce to Your Crypto Diet

PexPeppers passion has always been spicy foods and each of their recipes, ingredients, and product has been meticulously researched and optimized to bring you the freshest foods with an unrivaled taste.

What are some of these benefits you ask (other than great taste)?

  • Capsaicin, the active ingredient has been shown to increase the metabolism after consumption
  • Spicy foods have also been proven to reduce the effects of bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory effects which greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Stress Relief! Spicy food ramps up production of serotonin which is the brain chemical that makes you feel happy. Eat something spicy and let your stress melt away
  • Peppers are packed full of Vitamin A and C which not only strengthens you immune system, but both vitamins are essential to healthy heart and cardiovascular system
  • Have a cold or stuffy nose? The heat from a spicy food or sauce cleans out the sinuses and opens the nasal passage relieving your clogged and runny nose. Studies have shown those who partake in a spicy diet are less likely to catch a cold or have sinus infections

Most of the ingredients in their products are sustainably farmed locally.


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