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Products: Brave New Books are known for our diverse book selection that includes all things conspiracy, economic policy, history, and politics. They also have feature selections about sustainability, survival, preparedness, health, and have an expansive used books selection.

Some of their best selling products are not books at all!

  • Natural Health (Tangy Tangerine, My Magic Mud)
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin ATM, Secure Paper Wallets, Miners)
  • Apparel (T-Shirts, Shopping Bags)
  • DVDs (Documentaries, Fiction)
  • Music (Liberty, Conspiracy)

Community: Their bookstore has an amazing community of diverse and active people. They have politicos and anarchists, lefties and conservatives, but most importantly they are a bunch of curious people on a quest for the truth. Brave New Books hold weekly events that are open to the public, please go check them out!


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